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Pulau Joyo in the media. 

The world's 22 most incredible private islands - Features by

The world's 22 most incredible private islands

The southern reaches of the South China Sea are peppered with islands - sprawling archipelagos, clusters of teardrops and uninhabited wildernesses. And there's an astonishing number that you can take over. Pulau Joyo, though, remains by far the most charming. It's smaller than nearby Nikoi, less flashy than Batu Batu, prettier than Pangkil and more authentic than the Maldivian-style over-water villas of Telunas. Read more »

SG Travellers 2015 - The joy of Joyo

The joy of Joyo

AS THE speedboat approached the island, our hosts at Pulau Joyo waved to us from the shore with big smiles on their faces. Read more »

HoneyKids 2015 - Short Getaways from Singapore

Short Getaways from Singapore For Families: One-Stop Asian Destinations

It’s good to get off the island and travel with the fam once in a while. Even if it’s just to exchange one island for another. But with small kids, an international escape can be more trouble than it’s worth. Read more »

HoneyKids 2015 - Best Island Getaways

Best Island Getaways For Families: Barfeoot Luxury on Pulau Joyo

Bintan, Nikoi, Pangkil, Rawa , Batu Batu– we are spoilt for choice with great getaways. Tried them all and still looking for more? Read more »

PPS club members PRIORITY

Information about PPS club members PRIORITY Read more »

The Global Local, Nov 2012

When a friend from Hong Kong decided to celebrate his 30th birthday at Pulau Joyo, little did I know that we were about to taste a slice of white sand, blue water heaven. Pulau Joyo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, picturesque, and romantic places I’ve ever been to. Read more »

Pulau Joyo – The Luxury Private Island, July 2011

Pulau Joyo, a new luxury private island in the Indonesian Riau Archipelago Located close to Singapore, Pulau Joyo is a classic Robinson Crusoe island, surrounded by white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Read more »

Experience Southeast Asian paradise, July 2011

If you’ve always dreamt of staying on a private island, but lack the six-figure disposable income needed to secure Richard Branson’s Necker Island for a week, don‘t despair as Pulau Joyo in Indonesia is calling your name. Read more »

Featuring At Luxury Insider, July 2011

Planning for a sunny summer sojourn? You might want to take out a map and place an X on Pulau Joyo, a new luxury private island in the Indonesian Riau Archipelago. Located close to Singapore, Pulau Joyo is an emerald salve for seekers of tranquility and travelers weary of the daily city grind. Read more »

Travel & Leisure Asia, July 2011

For Cast Away Wannabes Pulau Joyo ~ Private Island Retreat | Riau Archipelago, Indonesia A 25-minute ride from Bintan takes you to this shipping magnate’s private residence turned sybaritic escape. Read more »

Finance Time July, 2011

How to Spend it

It's like 'Robinson Crusoe' -but with five-star facilites. Travelistas around the word know there's been a groundswell buzz about the private island phenomenon... Read more »

Dare to dream, July 2011

The Ultimate indulgence

The Ultimate indulgence A private island paradise in the Riau Archipelago Rustic-luxe driftwood palaces, pristine white-sand beaches, .... Read more »

Luxury Travel Bible, May 2011

... being a castaway on a luxe island

"We love to be a castaway but still need our luxe amenities. The Luxury Travel Bible is therefore pleased that private island Pulau Joyo is now open..." Read more »

Tatler, April 2011

Private Island Resorts

Andre Cooray features Pulau Joyo among a list of beautiful islands. Read more »

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